RETIRED: SG Ruta Venusina sopka, BH, ZM, ZVV1, KKl1. 5QX1/P, 0/0

Czech Import, daughter of SG-Dago von Weltwitz BH, AD, FH1, SchH3 & SG-Gera Venusina sopka FH2, SchH3, IPO3
Some of our offspring from Ruta:
Gem: OFA Preliminary Rated Good/Normal, DM Clear
Genghis: OFA Fair/ Normal, IPO training.
Gunner: HIT, CGN, PSA PDC, OFA Preliminary Good/Normal
Machiavelli of Sapphire Mountain: CGC, BN (1st place score 190)
Ghidorah: OFA Good/Normal, OFA Eyes Clear