SG Unie Denbrix; 5U1/P I. tř., HD/ED (0/0), BH, ZVV 1, IPO 3 (by age 2 years!).

 sire – active duty Czech Police Dog,  Winner of the 2013 Master Police Czech Republic Drug Search.  Championship Winner of the 2014 Foreign Police competition.  Lukas z Dvořákova sadu BH, ZVV 1, FPr 1, SchH 1, IPO 3.  100% Czech blood.
 dam – Unny Majorův háj,  excellent working (IPO3), foundation brood for the Denbrix kennel. Like her daughter, a lively female, hard in training, strong prey,  natural defense, earned the following high honors in her working career;
-MM MSKS 2016-15. Place/82, 72, 85/
-VS. Czech Championship IPO 2014-16. Place-/93, 86, 80/
-Denbrix Cup 2013-3. Place/94, 95/
-Denbrix Cup 2012-1. Place/89, 93/ Best Protection
-Prachatice Race of cooperatives-1. Place/97/ Best Protection
-Volary on the cup of the mayor of the city-1. Place/94,98/ Best Protection
-Vodňanský Carp 2011-1. Place/92,93/ Best Protection
-South Bohemian League kynologů 2011-3. Place- highest performance points achieved!
Unie is a lively, strong, classic working type female with high prey and hard defensive drive.  Works willingly with zeal, very tough in training passing IPO3 exam at the young age of two yrs, produced her 1st litter in her second year and is a trouble-free mother of healthy working offspring.  Unie is social, no unjustifiably aggression but she is hard in danger.
Unie is from 95 % Czech bloodline. Some of the significant working / producing dogs in her 4 generation pedigree are;  Dargo Ha-Ja-DaCato Katargo, Nick v HeiligenboschCar z Kostolianskej cesty.

Above photo of Unie taken last day in Czech Republic by breeder Robert Pevný.

Below photo’s are in Montana;

Below; Unie, Robert, Xurk at Lindbergh Lake, Swan Valley Montana

Unie and Dan hiking the Lindbergh trail below 2 photos.

Dan, Unie and Xurk

Below, a favorite photo (taken by Robert) from the hike.