RETIRED: SG-Varna z Pohranicni straze ZVV1, 5CU1/P 2nd Breed Class, 0/0

Czech Import,  Varna was one of the last females raised in the renowned z Pohranicni straze kennel. Imported and owned by Sapphire Shepherds, Varna was the daughter of the great stud dog Argo z Travnickova dvora (very similar pedigree to DARGO Ha-Ja-Da) & Darka z PS (daughter of Grim z Pohranicni straze).  The bloodlines of Varna gave her the ability to be a mother of very successful and versatile working progeny. Varna was very valuable because her mother came from 6th generation of puppies that all had 0/0 hips and elbows! Varna herself came from 0/0 hips/elbows litter. Her grand-father Aris z Travnickova dvora was famous for his 0/0 progeny.  Varna was a female with perfect boning and temperament. She had very high working drives, high retrieve and protection drive but also was a great social dog and very easily controllable. Varna was never up for commercial sale, but purchased privately by Sapphire Shepherds. We are very fortunate to have owned this great female.

Varna is in the blood of our breeding stock used today.  Through her excellent grandson Xurk of Sapphire Mountain, her great-granddaughter Finley of Sapphire Mountain joined our breeding program in the year 2020!

Some of our offspring from Varna:
Rhea of Sapphire Mountain:  OFA Excellent/Normal, SAR Cadaver 1, purchased by the RCMP as a brood, Proven producer of Police Dogs for both Sapphire Shepherds & RCMP.
Chay-Da of Sapphire Mountain: SAR Cadaver 2, Water Shore, Water Open, Avalanche, Wilderness Search, Trailing 3, HRD, Evidence, Building, Urban, Area. Working Certified Narcotics & Tracking dog for the Grand Teton National Park & Teton County Law Enforcement Departments.  OFA Good / Normal
Zoot of Sapphire Mountain:  OFA Good/Normal certified at 8.5 years of age!!