Thank you Tom & family for sharing photos, your kind email and giving your dog such a great life. Santo / Flame son.

Good afternoon Ramona,
I hope you are well today and having a nice week so far.
…There really isn’t a reason for this email other than to inform you of the news, and tell you how special of a companion he was and what he meant to myself and our young family. From 7 weeks old he has literally been with me every day, coming to work, always out on hikes, fishing and surrounded by family, children and other dogs. He had a presence that was infectious, the room changed with him in it, and he was always willing and eager, curious and attentive to everything around him.
I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of miles he covered on trails and in the wilderness, the rivers he floated and places in Montana and the west that he had seen. I don’t have many memories that don’t have him in it and can already notice that it is going to be a big hole to fill which I don’t know if we ever will. He was a truly special dog and we will always keep him close in our thoughts.
I guess I just wanted to reach out and thank you for helping me select Shooter…. He changed our lives and was a great member of our family. He even got to meet our first child and daughter who is 9 months old this week. I’ve attached a few photos of him if you want to take a look. I always thought he looked like Santo and Rocky.
It is going to take some time and I am not sure when we will be ready, but I will be reaching back out to you again when the time comes and we are ready for our next shepherd. Thank you again for your help and giving us an amazing companion. I hope you are doing well and I’m looking forward to staying in touch.
Sincerely,  Tom M