The passing of a fine SAR dog….

Owner/handler Kevin writes in part;
Hi Ramona,  I hope you are doing well, it has been a long time since we last spoke! Unfortunately, I have some sad news.  Rocco passed away last week.
He was an amazing dog, Ramona.  He was a tremendous worker and had a great career in K9 SAR.  He then transitioned fantastically to family guardian, and best friend to my son.  I can’t tell you what a wonderful temperament he had – he was always amazing with my son, from birth to 4 years old.  We miss him terribly, but are so thankful we had him in our lives.
Kevin & SAR Rocco Certified Wilderness

Rocco was from a very nice litter of our Mambo z Pohranicni straze ZVV3 & Rhea of Sapphire Mountain SAR Cadaver 1 breeding.
Rocco was fortunate to belong to a very experienced SAR trainer/handler and to go home at night as a much loved family dog!