FUTURE BROOD: Alibi of Sapphire Mountain CGC, DM Clear, SAR Cadaver training for certification

Excellent young female from our SG Raketa Eqidius, A/A Kkl, 5V5/45-P, CGC, BH, SVV 1 (98-92-94) & Seattle Washington Police Service Dog Donner vom Haus Shoal.
Alibi is a lovely, intelligent female of lively character and excellent working pedigree containing many renown working / producing dogs no longer found in the pedigrees of dogs today!  Alibi has solid nerve, excellent working drives and character around people and dogs.
Raketa BH, SVV1(98-92-94) & Seattle PSD Donner shown below;

Below January 2020 SAR cadaver training;

Below Alibi is doing her best giraffe impression at a shop in New York.

Below Linda and Alibi are working the security desk at school.

Below;  Alibi & Archer during a day at the school pool and beginning SAR training;