RETIRED: Touché of Sapphire Mountain CGC, CGCA, TD, ACT 1, DM Clear, OFA Preliminary Rated Good / Normal

Raised, trained, titled by breeder. Touché is 2nd generation bred, 3rd generation owned and the daughter of our Santo of Sapphire Mountain OFA Excellent / Normal, SAR Cadaver 1, Narcotics certified, Frozen semen sold to the New Zealand Police Breeding and Training Center & Jetta vom Feldhaus CGC, OFA Fair / Normal.  Touché is a good sized, lively female of super character, good nerve and all round working drives, a lovely female!  She is a very nice tracking dog, and at the age of 8 years earned her agility title; ACT 1.
A few  offspring from Touché:
Dax of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Excellent/Normal (56months), DM Clear
Uilani of Sapphire MountainOFA Preliminary Rated Good/Normal, DM Clear
Duncan of Sapphire MountainSAR NSDA Area Search II, Area Search Live Subject, Cadaver, CGC, CGCA, CGCU, ACT 1, OFA Good / Normal