OUR RETIRED/PAST FEMALES SHOWN BELOW: Uma of Sapphire Mountain; SAR Live Find, Moving Subject, IPWDA Human Remains Search-Water, IPWDA Human Remains Search-Land, IPWDA Crime Scene, CGC, OFA Good/Normal, Erie County NY Cadaver K9, 2019 International Police Working Dog Association recipient of Award of Merit.

Working SAR K9, Uma is a driven female with huge work ethic, beautiful dark pigment and healthy hips/elbows.
Uma is a proven producer of working dogs for our program;
Rhaegar of Sapphire Mountain: Dual Purpose K9, hips/elbows x-rayed healthy. 

Littermates of Uma;
Ursa of Sapphire Mountain; CGC, TD, OFA Fair/Normal
Ulysses of Sapphire Mountain: SAR Cadaver 2, Trailing 1, CGC, BH, FH, TD, TDX, OFA Good/Normal