Upcoming Litters

We offer excellent working genetics for experienced handlers from Law Enforcement to top level IPO, breeding programs & selective person/families needing solid nerved, healthy, protective companions that are safe around children.  We offer litters from BOTH our 25 plus year breeding program at Sapphire Shepherds & Czech Import litters throughout the year.
UPDATED 1/1/2020.  Scroll down to view all upcoming litters.
We accept deposits on our below breedings, please contact us for complete pricing (varies due to cost involved; live /A.I. / import breeding’s) .  Deposits are 500.00 to reserve.
Deposit holders on below litters:   Dave MT / Frank WA   / Martin FL /  William SD  / Kimberly MT /  Butch TX / Samantha WA
First part of January 2020 we will update breeding’s offered this spring.  We had a frozen semen breeding that did not take so we will be doing a live breeding with this IPO 3 female on her next heat in February!  Information to be posted soon on several very nice upcoming breeding’s.


#1; “K” Denbrix Czech Import litter.  Date of birth; 11/04/19.  4 males ( 3 bi-color / 1 black) AVAILABLE NOW!
Please CLICK HERE to view current information and photos of available pups!


#2; “H” of Sapphire Mountain litter litter; Due 02/06/2020
Please CLICK HERE to view information and photos on this breeding!

#3; “_” of Sapphire Mountain litter;  Live breeding to be done February 2020
Xurk of Sapphire Mountain CGC, TD, TDU  – Fler Denbrix CGC. Information on this breeding to be posted shortly.

#4; “_” of Sapphire Mountain litter;  Frozen Semen Breeding January-February 2020
Lary Bret-Bett[ ZVV3  –  Raketa Eqidius; BH, SVV1 (98-92-94!).  Information on this breeding to be posted shortly.

#5; “_” of Sapphire Mountain litter; Live breeding to be done around February-March 2020.  We are looking at a son of Basko-Touche; SAR NSDA Area Search II, Area Search Live Subject, Cadaver, CGC, CGCA, CGCU, OFA Good / Normal (littermate DAX of Sapphire Mountain; OFA Excellent/Normal, DM Clear).  This will be confirmed soon!






Call 406-777-7272 for more details.
All deposits placed are non-refundable if purchaser backs out for any reason.  If we cannot  provided you with a pup your deposit can be refunded.