Upcoming Litters

Our Czech, DDR & West German working litters carry strong genetics for experienced handlers from Law Enforcement to top level IPO, serious breeding programs and selective families needing solid nerved, healthy, protective companions that are safe around children.
Scroll all the way down to see full list of our current breeding’s from Sapphire Shepherds and pups from Czech Rep. Receiving deposits now on all bellow litters, please contact us for complete pricing.  Deposits are 500.00 to reserve.
Deposit holders on below litters:   Kathleen  / Loraine / Frank 

Litter #1;
Due September 17th 2019.  Strong working genetics of predominantly Czech blood and West German working lines.  Blacks and Sables, standard coat expected.  We will be posting more information on dam and sire (shown below) the end of September after pups are on the ground.  Please check back for updates:~)

Litter #2;
Due Oct 9th.  Excellent Czech and West German working blood!  Pups will have excellent nerve, working drives and superb character!  Bi colors, sables, blacks expected.

Litter #3;  Litter due Sept 4th.   Confirmed pregnant!  We are currently taking deposits on these pups, shipping or pick up will be available from Montana and possibly New York,  mid to end November 2019.

Litter #4 & 5;
-Xurk of Sapphire Mountain will be bred in Sept to a ZVV1, 1st class 5U1/P, SG, 0/0 sable female of strong Czech pedigree.   Should be some nice pups from this cross!
-We are planning a breeding soon with Khalia of Sapphire Mountain; CGC, Good/Normal. Sire will be a Police Service dog.
Please check back for updates on all the above!








End of 2018 and early 2019 litters to be posted soon!

Call 406-777-7272 for more details.
All deposits placed are non-refundable if purchaser backs out for any reason.  If we cannot  provided you with a pup your deposit can be refunded.