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We offer German Shepherds for the experienced, selective person/family needing solid nerve, good health and protection in a dog who is safe to be around their children.
Sapphire Shepherds also provides experienced handlers in SAR / Law Enforcement / IGP and other sport competition areas, strong, well proven working genetics from our 25 + year breeding program.
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Contact us for complete pricing (varies due to breeding cost involved; live/A.I./import).  Deposits are 500.00 to reserve.
Deposit holders on our
litters for  Winter 2021 – Spring 2022:
Brian MN (Eiger litter & Finley litter) / Chad NV /  Melanie MT / James MT / Tammy MT /  Jeremy ID / Lauren AK / Julie CA  / Michele HI / Sarah WA / Sara MT

“V” litter of Sapphire Mountain, due October 26th 2021.  Pregnancy confirmed;
Xurk is a well proven producer of healthy, working offspring.  View Xurks page; Click here.
Eiger, this will be her first litter.  View Eigers page; Click here.


Eiger’s sire and dam (Echo & Qessie), along with Xurk’s (Zoot & Jetta), have excellent character/judgement, well rounded training drives and proven genetics for various working areas (SAR & LE) / AKC and IGP sport and Herding competition areas / family purpose.  We expect pups from Eiger & Xurk to have the same good nerve and excellent trainability for a wide range of use. Pups should have good character around children, animals, good health and dark pigment in bi-color and sable color.
 –  Echo von Daechsel; 2 x WUSV participant 2018/2019. IPO2 (94-92-86), IPO3 (96-96-96) 2017 Canadian Prairie Regional Champion, AD, FPr 3 (96).
    *Littermates; SG Elk; 3 x WUSV 2017/18/19, IPO 3, OFA Excellent/Normal. Endie; Rally Novice A, OFA Good/Normal, Ellis; SD-S, SP/SD-A SP, OFA Excellent/Normal.
–  SG Qessie Denbrix; 5V1/P I. tř. HD/ED 0/0, BH, IPO 3 (Qualifier for Czech Nationals by age 3 yrs).
    *Littermate; Queen; HD/ED 0/0, BH, IPO 1.
–  Zoot of Sapphire Mountain; Proven producer of healthy working offspring. OFA Good/Normal (certified at 8.5 years of age!) from excellent old Czech blood of our great foundation dogs;  SG-Rocky Venusina sopka; 0/0, CGC, ZVV1, SchH2, IPO2 (son of legendary Czech Police dog Tom z Pohranicni straze) &  SG-Varna z Pohranicni straze; ZVV1, 0/0, 5CU1/P 2.tr.
Zoot is from the same breeding that produced; Rhea of Sapphire Mountain:  SAR Cadaver 1, OFA Excellent / Normal.  Purchased by the RCMP Police Dog Breeding program (proven producer of Police dogs for both Sapphire Shepherds & the RCMP).  Chay-Da of Sapphire Mountain: SAR Cadaver 2, Water Shore, Water Open, Avalanche, Wilderness Search,  Trailing 3, HRD, Evidence, Building, Urban, Area.  Working certified Narcotic & Tracking dog for the Grand Teton NP & Teton County LE Depts.  OFA Good/Normal.
–  Jetta vom Feldhaus CGC, Fair/Normal.  Top producer for Sapphire Shepherds.  Some of her offspring are:  *Touché of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Preliminary Rated Good/Normal, DM Clear, CGC, CGCA, TD, ACT 1.  *SG-Little Bear of Sapphire Mountain: KkL 2016-2017, OFA Good/Normal, BH, AD, TR3, IPO3 High in Trail, 96 Tracking, IPO2 1st Place.  *Cato of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Fair/Normal, CGC,  IPWDA Human Remains Land, IPWDA Human Remains Water, IPWDA Crime Scene, 2019 recipients of Award of Merit from the International Police Working Dog Association. Only three K-9 teams a year are awarded this for demonstrating Professionalism, Discipline & a notable find.  *Chase of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Good/Normal, CA, NW1 (overall Top Placement), NW2 (1st place along with Pronounced – a very tough designation to be awarded!) High in trial. 2 x NW3 (second Top Overall Placement out of 35 dogs!) & (1st Place!). *Cinder of Sapphire Mountain: MX, MXB, MXJ (NA, NF, OAJ, AXJ, PAD, MJB, AGCH, NAJ, OA, AX, MXS, PJD, MATCH). *Charlotte of Sapphire Mountain: PennHIP 90th / Normal, BH, IPO1 (94-87-94), FH1, Tr1, TD, OFA Eyes Normal

Jettas sire; SG-Showorks Razor BH, AD; out of Canadian Police Service Dog working/producing lines; 1984 (Aldo) & 1989 (Tel) Winner’s of the Canadian Police Dog Championships. Jetta’s dam; Foxie van den Biezenhoeve littermate to Frodo; “a”1, normal, SCH3, HPO3, IPO3. 2010 FCI World Team Hungary, Finland (age of 3). WUSV World Team, Hungary; Spain 2010. AWDF Nationals 2010. WDC Nationals 2010.

“W” litter of Sapphire Mountain.  Breeding to take place in Sept, with pups ready tp go to new homes around February 2022.

– Dalai (our Qvido daughter) will have litter, stud not yet decided.
Available; spayed female, just turned 5 years, very active, well socialized/trained. Perfect for a person who has GSD experienced looking for a dog for companionship and/or training. Contact us if you would like to be considered.  

Please contact us if you would like to be considered for a good working pup or Adult.












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All deposits placed are non-refundable if purchaser backs out for any reason.  If we cannot  provided you with a pup your deposit can be refunded.