Upcoming Litters

We offer excellent German Shepherds for the experienced, selective person/family needing solid nerve, good health and protection in a dog who is safe to be around their children.
Sapphire Shepherds also provides experienced handlers in SAR / Law Enforcement / IGP and other sport competition areas, strong well proven working genetics from our 25 year breeding program.
PAGE UPDATED 7/25/2021.  Scroll far down to view all upcoming litters.
Contact us for complete pricing (varies due to breeding cost involved; live/A.I./import).  Deposits are 500.00 to reserve.
Deposit holders on our
litters for  Summer – Winter 2021:
Deposit holders on our litters for  Summer – Winter 2021:
Brian MN  /  Martin WY / Chad NV /  Melanie MT /

We have 2 very nice looking litters sired by Vlad on the ground now.  We currently have a male pup available for reservation.
Go to Available web page to see photos.
– Litter “S” born May 16th, 8 pups. 
– Litter “T” born May 22nd, 7 pups.  
Our next working litters will be ready late 2021 – early 2022;
Finley will be bred to Vlad in Oct with pups ready Feb.  (several deposits on this litter already)
Eiger will have a late fall litter, stud not yet decided.

Please contact us if you would like to be considered for a nice pup.












Call 406-777-7272 for more details.
All deposits placed are non-refundable if purchaser backs out for any reason.  If we cannot  provided you with a pup your deposit can be refunded.