Upcoming Litters

We offer excellent German Shepherds for the experienced, selective person/family needing solid nerve, good health and protection in a dog who is safe to be around their children.
Sapphire Shepherds also provides experienced handlers in SAR / Law Enforcement / IGP and other sport competition areas, strong well proven working genetics from our 25 year breeding program.
PAGE UPDATED 9/16/2020.  Scroll far down to view all upcoming litters.
Contact us for complete pricing (varies due to breeding cost involved; live/A.I./import).  Deposits are 500.00 to reserve.
Deposit holders on our
various litters posted below:
Susan CANADA (paid in full) /  Tim CO / Joseph MT / Breezy CO / Robin MN / Jay MT  /  Eric AK /  Rebekah MT  / Robert MT  /  Barbara CA / Dave AK  / Greg WA / Tricia MT / Yamil TX / Spencer WY  / Jennifer MT / Allision MT /   Keleah WY / Chuck MT / Leslie MO
  NOTE*  We will be adding a early 2021 litter with Yazzy, sire to be decided!


#1;  Xurk & Bacara “N” of Sapphire Mountain.
11 very healthy pups born Sept 5th.  ALL PUPS RESERVED


“O” of Sapphire Mountain litter.    Due: September 29th.    LITTER IS RESERED

“P” of Sapphire Mountain litter.   Litter due October 7th!    More information to be posted soon!

DUNCAN of Sapphire Mountain SAR  NSDA Area Search II, Area Search Live Subject & Cadaver, CGC, CGCA, CGCU, OFA Good/Normal, DM Clear.
-littermate Dax OFA Excellent/Normal.
-grandson of Santo of Sapphire Mountain SAR Cadaver 1, Narcotic cert., OFA Excellent/Normal.
-son of Touché of Sapphire Mountain CGC TD, OFA Good/Normal.
Above are three generations of very nice working dog’s produced at Sapphire Shepherds.



“Q” litter of Sapphire Mountain.  Due November 7th.  Receiving reservations now.

Call 406-777-7272 for more details.
All deposits placed are non-refundable if purchaser backs out for any reason.  If we cannot  provided you with a pup your deposit can be refunded.