Update/photos on Service Dog Titan (Ex – Envy) and young (Xurk – Raketa) female in training for SAR;

Good afternoon Ramona,
Freda  (Xurk-Raketa) is doing great, annoys Titan on a daily basis but he is a good sport about it:). She loves the ball which also drives Titan crazy. She rules the house, second only to me and is very loyal! She has started training for SAR and impresses with her enthusiasm and loving personality. She does great with my nephews.
Titan (Ex – Envy) is doing well. Spending a lot of time with Freda. He still loves being a Service Dog. Rhea has picked up on some of his cues and will try to help him help me. He loves my nephews and niece.  He is the guardian of the house. He has trained himself to listen to my breathing at night and to wake me up if he senses I am in distress, especially now with allergies being so bad. He is a wonderful dog and could not have picked a better service dog if I tried. He loves to play but can be very serious when he needs to be.
These are great dogs, I am so happy to have them both.  P.R.