V – Mambo z Pohranici straze: 1st Breed Class 5JVQ1/P, a-Normal, OP1, IPO3, ZVV3, FROZEN SEMEN owned

Mambo (along with our other ZVV 3 males) earned his ZVV3 title 15-20 years ago, at a time when the ZVV3 title was more difficult and demanding then it’s modern day requirements.
One of the last dogs bred in z Pohranicni straze kennel, Mambo was a medium large male with strong bones, dark pigmentation, gait firm and spacious. Mambo was sharp and at the same time had very high prey drive. The biggest reward for the correct training was a thrown ball.  Mambo produced dark pigmented, hard dogs with very high working drives. Mambo is in the pedigree of our dogs today:
Jaxon of Sapphire Mountain: DM Carrier, OFA Good/Normal, Frozen semen sold to the New Zealand Police Dog Breeding & Training Center
Ravenna of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Good/Normal
Khalia of Sapphire Mountain: CGC, OFA Good/Normal, CGC, ACT 1