Vlad of Sapphire Mountain CGC, CGCA, ACT 1, OFA Preliminary Fair/Normal

– sire J Axel vom FeldhausCanadian dog, CD, hips x-rayed clear by owner, littermate Jetta vom Feldhaus; CGC, OFA Fair/Normal, top producer of numerous working, competition and family dogs for Sapphire Shepherds.
* Vlad’s sire line through J Axel vom Feldhaus, goes to two excellent producing & working K9’s for the Canadian Government; – PSD Appolo (Tel) 1989 Winner of the Canadian Police Service Dog Championships and his sire; PSD Aldo 1984 Winner of the Canadian Police Service Dog Championships!  This healthy bloodline has been significant and successful in producing numerous working dogs for the Canadian Government and Sapphire Shepherds.
* Also worth noting is the dam of J Axel vom Feldhaus;  Foxi van de Biezenhoeve  (littermate to Frodo van de Biezenhoeve; “a”1, normal, SCH3, HPO3, IPO3. 2010 FCI World Team Hungary, Finland (age of 3). WUSV World Team, Hungary; Spain 2010. AWDF Nationals 2010. WDC Nationals 2010.

– dam Charli von Kleinenburg; AD, BH, OFA Good / Normal (once owned by Sapphire Shepherds).

Vlad has been used as stud by established kennels in Canada & USA, he is a proven producer of working and family dogs. Vlad is a intelligent, healthy, well rounded dog to train and spend time with.  Solid temperament around people/kids and other animals.
His first litter with Sapphire Shepherds was at 7 years of age in 2020.  Examples of his offspring for Sapphire Shepherds are;
– Lil’ Grizz of Sapphire Mountain
SAR K9 certified Trailing (16 months of age), see below.
 – Reykja of Sapphire Mountain, young female with potential as future brood.Vlad agility course training below.

Below photo of Vlad & his 4.5 month old son Lil’ Grizz of Sapphire Mountain (started at Sapphire Shepherds).

Below, Lil’ Grizz of Sapphire Mountain (at 16 months) is now a certified Trailing SAR K9 for new owner Shanin.

owner states; * Hi Ramona, He is awesome, amazing and growing like a weed.  He is ball driven and his intensity for tracking is crazy, everyone who experiences his drive is impressed and are excited to see where he goes. We couldn’t be more thrilled!
* “…. amazing addition to the family. He is currently exceeding all expectations with both myself and the mentors who are working with us. I have no doubt that he will be one of the premier SAR dogs in the state within a year. So far we have, completed seminar for beginning Water Cadaver recovery. Working on Area Search & HRD, ready for CGC this fall and registered for Water Cadaver seminar.”
* This is the second dog the owner/handler has purchased from Sapphire Shepherds.

Below are more photos of Lil’ Grizz while he was gowning up at Sapphire Shepherds;

Below photos are of Lil’ Grizz exploring the “rubble pile”, one of the excellent training areas located right on our property.  We are fortunate to be able to start our pups and work our adult dogs in many natural and real-life environments nature has provided and some we have designed. Truly a special place for dogs and people

Below; checking out the “Buffalo Warrior” sculpture.
Below; eating his dinner on a track.

Below photos of Vlad at Sapphire Shepherds;

Below: Vlad and a very pregnant brood Bacara enjoying the creek.

Below photos and email on another pup from Vlad, Lava of Sapphire Mountain.  Owner resides in NJ and Lava is the 3rd dog they have purchased from Sapphire Shepherds.

Hi Ramona, Lots of play, lots of drive development. I am amazed at how environmentally solid he is. Nothing so far bothers him at all. Especially different surfaces. It’s as if he is “surface agnostic”. He’ll basic walk or climb on/over anything – and the distinction here with him is it’s as if the surface didn’t change. Interesting to watch and see as he develops.  SB
Below are photos of Lazer of Sapphire Mountain, another nice pup of Vlad!