Vlad of Sapphire Mountain CGC, CGCA, ACT 1, OFA Preliminary Fair/Normal

Vlad was born at Sapphire Shepherds.  He was used as stud for a number of years by a long time breeder of German Shepherds in eastern Canada. Vlad made his way back home to Sapphire Shepherds spring 2020 where he is being used in our breeding program and earned  his CGC, CGCA and ACT 1 titles with Ramona.
Vlad is intelligent, healthy, easy to be around, a fun dog to train with and he has very nice pups.  He is a well rounded German Shepherd of very nice West German working blood that we have had much success with in our breeding program for many years.
Vlad’s sire J Axel vom Feldhaus is a littermate to our excellent brood Jetta vom Feldhaus who produced numerous working and competition dogs for Sapphire Shepherds. His dam Charli was also owned by Sapphire Shepherds at one time and we are familiar with her character and lines.
Vlad at Sapphire Shepherds below;

Vlad has earned agility ACT 1 title with 2 perfect runs of 100 pts each.

Vlad and Ramona having fun with agility training

Above photo is Vlad and son Lenny of Sapphire Mountain. Started at Sapphire Shepherds,  Lenny “Grizz” is now training for SAR work with new owner who states;
Hi Ramona, He is awesome and amazing and growing like a weed,  We have re-named him “Grizz”  He is ball driven and his intensity for tracking is crazy, Everyone who experiences his drive is so impressed and are excited to see where he goes. We couldn’t be more thrilled! SP
Below are more photos of Lenny at Sapphire Shepherds;

Below photos are of Lenny exploring the “rubble pile”, one of the excellent training areas located right on our property.  We are fortunate to be able to start our pups and work our adult dogs in many natural and real-life environments nature has provided and we have designed. Truly a special place for dogs and people!

Below; Lenny checking out the “Buffalo Warrior” sculpture in Pablo.
Below; Lenny eating his dinner on a track.
Below are more photos of Vlad at Sapphire Shepherds;

Below: Vlad and a very pregnant brood Bacara enjoying the creek.

Below are photos and email on another pup from Vlad, Lava of Sapphire Mountain.  This owner resides on the east coast and Lava is the 3rd dog he has purchased from Sapphire Shepherds:

Hi Ramona, Lots of play, lots of drive development. I am amazed at how environmentally solid he is. Nothing so far bothers him at all. Especially different surfaces. It’s as if he is “surface agnostic”. He’ll basic walk or climb on/over anything – and the distinction here with him is it’s as if the surface didn’t change. Interesting to watch and see as he develops.  SB
Below are photos of Lazer of Sapphire Mountain, another nice pup of Vlad!