Xurk and Bacara litter 2020

First litter from Xurk and Bacara produced 11 pups.  Owners report, great temperament around kids/people/other dogs/animals.  Health so far has been very good.  Clients who are training their pups in tracking/nose work/obedience report, intelligence, very good drive and nerve.  Scroll down to view photos and read client emails on previous Xurk & Bacara pups;
Hello Ramona, Thought you might enjoy photos (posted below) of Xander @ 6 months. He’s doing great: very athletic, strong swimmer, loves to retrieve, snoozes on the couch in my office while I’m working but ready for action as soon as I pick up the leash.  He’s started tracking short straight runs, smart tough boy but good-natured and steady.  Very pleased with him so far.  Hope all is well with you.  Regards,  Sarah

Below, nice male in D.C.
Below, nice female in Texas;

Below, client’s visiting Sapphire Shepherds with their young male pups from her 1st litter.

Young visitor at Sapphire Shepherds and Bacara enjoying their time together.

Hello Ramona,  H – Xander (bicolor Xurk/Bacara male) @ almost 10 weeks.  Super pup: smart, fearless, very active with plenty of prey drive, and he’s going to be handsome like his dad.  Thanks again. SarahXander is now a muscular 42 lbs and doing great with basic OB and nosework games.  Tons of drive, and a tough independent streak which I like because I see him thinking and problem solving. Very stable temperament, unfazed by new experiences, loves meeting people and he has human and canine friends all over town.  He also gets more handsome every day. Here he is @ 16 weeks: Sarah

Below; young male in D.C.  well started in tracking

Xurk & Bacara


Recent photo of a client who drove all the way from Utah for his pup, clearly enjoying his meeting with Xurk.  Xurk has excellent character/nerve/temperament.  Exceptional male with stunning looks.