Xurk – Bacara puppy update;

Hi Ramona,   Just wanted to tell you that Hunter fit right in and is doing so well! He’s such a happy and outgoing puppy and we are socializing, playing and engaging him as much as we can during this crazy social distancing time. There is still so much for him to see and experience, good way to work on focus anyway. He will be such a joy to train with I can already see that He’s very brave and curious, super playful too. He loves his food, I got the same food for him that you gave him so no issues with feeding or potty training right now.
Thank you again for letting us have him, I cannot imagine a better puppy than Hunter is! I hope all other H litter puppy owners are also thrilled with their pups. If anyone would be interested please let them know they are free to get in touch with me through Facebook or Instagram (citygsd), I’ll be posting pics there in the future. I will always love to hear from them!
Please take care of yourself and your family and hopefully life will return to normal soon.  Thank you!   Oksana, Washington D.C