Yazzy of Sapphire Mountain CGC CGCA ACT 1, DM Clear, OFA Prelim Elbows Normal, PennHIP .36/.39 (healthy hips above the breed average of .42)

sire – Basko von Grunheide: Kkl 1. IPO3, SchH3 Qualifier for World Universal Championships, PennHIP 90th.
dam – Flame of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Good/Normal, Working Security Dog
grandparents (imported & owned)
SG – Lary Bret-Bett; 0/0, 1st Breed Class, ZVV3.
Ajsa Bohemia Rom-Pan; 0/0, CGC, TD, TDX, BH, TR3, FH1.
Yazzy carries a excellent working pedigree of very strong German and Czech blood. 
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Example of a pup from Yazzy:
SAR Scout of Sapphire Mountain:  Experienced SAR handler/owner

This female is protection trained and a well loved member of the family.