Yazzy of Sapphire Mountain; DM Clear, OFA Fair / Normal

Second generation bred, third generation owned on dams side.  Yazzy is the daughter of  our SG Basko von Grunheide: Kkl 1. IPO3, SchH3 Qualifier for World Universal Championships, PennHIP 90th & Flame of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Good/Normal, Working Security Dog.  We imported her grandparents from the Czech Republic; SG – Lary Bret-Bett; 0/0, 1st Breed Class, ZVV3 titled male & Ajsa Bohemia Rom-Pan; 0/0, CGC, TD, TDX, BH, TR3, FH1.
Yazzy is an absolutely beautiful, extremely lively, healthy female. Her hip rating through PennHIP is very healthy and places her hips above the breed average!  Good sized, agile, very strong bones with elegant expression, she adapts quickly to a new handler and environment. She is very intelligent, has good nerve and approach to new situations, people and dogs. Her drives are all very strong.  She is a very civil dog with no formal bite training who has demonstrated to us that she has no hesitation with putting the breaks on any man/person who she feels is acting out of line!  She is a attentive brood and her pups from Xurk are among our favorite!
Yazzy carries a 100% working pedigree of very strong German and Czech blood. Her pups have strong prey, retrieve, good nerve, social character, fight long over articles and are environmentally solid. A fun, outgoing social bunch of pups that love to train! These pups have strong bones, good size, standard coat and are in both working and personal/family homes.
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Example of a pup from Yazzy:
SAR Scout of Sapphire Mountain:  Experienced SAR handler/owner