Zoot of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Good / Normal (certified at 8.5 years of age!) Proven producer of working & family offspring.

-sire: SG-Rocky Venusina sopka; 0/0, CGC, ZVV1, SchH2, IPO2
-dam: SG-Varna z Pohranicni straze; ZVV1, 0/0, 5CU1/P 2.tr.

Zoot is from the same excellent breeding combination that produced;
– Rhea of Sapphire Mountain:  SAR Cadaver 1, OFA Excellent / Normal.  Purchased by the RCMP Police Dog Breeding program (proven producer of Police dogs for both Sapphire Shepherds & the RCMP).
– Chay-Da of Sapphire Mountain: SAR Cadaver 2, Water Shore, Water Open, Avalanche, Wilderness Search,  Trailing 3, HRD, Evidence, Building, Urban, Area.  Working certified Narcotic & Tracking dog for the Grand Teton NP & Teton County LE Depts.  OFA Good/Normal.

Zoot was a large male of strong character and all round drives.  He was long lived and much loved by his owners Chuck & Brooke.
Zoot’s strong pedigree is carried through in our breeding program by his son & granddaughter;
Xurk of Sapphire Mountain:  DM Clear, Full Dentition, PennHIP 90th, elbows normal, CGC, CGCA, CGCU, ACT 1, TD, TDU.
Finley of Sapphire Mountain: DM Clear, Full Dentition, CGC, CGCA, ACT 1, SAR Trailing, Narcotics certified.