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Litter due end of October from these two well bred dogs of great character. Contact us if you would like to be considered.


A lovely pup from CZAR of SAPPHIRE MOUNTAIN (bloodline which has/continues to produce PSD's for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).
Grandsire is our BALLI PANTA-REI (world renown GSD who frequently earned perfect scores of 100 in tracking & protection along with the honor of becoming Winner of the ZVV3 Protection phase at the 2003 Czech Rep. National Competition!).
Many generations of excellent dogs bred from our kennel are found in this pedigree;
- SANTO of SAPPHIRE MOUNTAIN SAR Cadaver 1 Narcotics certified OFA Excellent-Normal, Frozen semen sold to New Zealand Police Breeding Center.
All going back to beloved foundation dogs that started our kennel; Jetta vom Feldhaus / Pen z Jirkova dvora / Oresta z Dalub Bohemia & Rocky Venusina sopka (excellent producing son of the legendary Tom z Pohranicni straze).


Lil' Grizz of Sapphire Mountain SAR K9 Certified Trailing (at 16 months of age / son of Vlad of Sapphire Mountain).
Owner/handler states ".... amazing addition to the family. He is currently exceeding all expectations with both myself and the mentors who are working with us. I have no doubt that he will be one of the premier SAR dogs in the state within a year. So far we have, completed seminar for beginning Water Cadaver recovery. Working on Area Search & HRD, ready for CGC this fall and registered for Water Cadaver seminar."
* This is the second dog purchased from Sapphire Shepherds by the owner/handler.

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It is rare nowadays to find black & tan working German Shepherd dogs with balanced character, high drives, strong/stable natural aggression/protection and tracking ability.  To our knowledge, Sapphire Shepherds is the only kennel in North America to offer the genetics of two such outstanding dogs; Czar (Balli Panta-Rei) & Donner (Iwo vom Rittersring) in our breeding program.  Both of these proven top working bloodlines have reliably and consistently produced quality working dogs!
We are further privileged to be a kennel that Government run Police Dog breeding programs have come to for working genetic purchase;  New Zealand Police Dog Breeding & Training Center & the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ( RCMP) Dog Breeding program.
Very few breeders have these honors,  especially in North America!

…."I am incredibly impressed with your dogs and lines.  Awesome job, I'm honored to see Janan (Angie's) line carried on, she and Iwo were both great dogs.  Teri"
(High praise received from the breeder of the exceptional 'D' litter & PSD Donner vom Haus Shoal)

Selective Breeding
Sapphire Shepherds is the culmination of passionate pursuit and over two decades of hard work. Our involvement in all facets including breeding, raising & training, gives us authentic knowledge of our stock providing our selective clients an edge.
Working Genetics
We are privileged to own & offer from our kennel, the exceptional working genetics of many revered dogs such as Balli Panta-Rei, Rocky Venušina sopka (Tom z Poharanični stráže), PSD Donner vom Haus Shoal, Mambo z Poharanični stráže & Lary Bret-Bett.
Health Tested
Solid Temperament
Our multiple generation owned breeding stock is cleared for health issues, tested and worked to confirm each dogs natural ability and solid - safe character. We breed strong working dogs that can live in harmony with your family and children.
Excellent Pups

Health, temperament, kid tested and approved!  A perfect match made in Montana.

Extraordinary Results

The German Shepherd should be vigilant, incorruptible, faithful, courageous, like children and be cautious toward strangers. They are active dogs that need room and to be kept involved in order to live up to their unlimited potential!

Extremely versatile!
Whether you are looking for the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures or a strong working partner for the demanding K9 handler, your German Shepherd can be found here. Welcome, enjoy the site & our dogs!
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